newbie: on the right track for baseball/light shortwave?

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newbie: on the right track for baseball/light shortwave?

Postby bubblegumphantom » Sun May 30, 2010 10:00 pm

Hi everyone, my interest in radio has come and gone over the years, and usually sparks up again around baseball season. I have a light intrigue with SW as in the past I was made acquainted with The Conet Project.

I am in Montreal, Canada and I really want to be able to listen to as a many baseball games as possible (my last resort would be to just pay the for a membership). I ahve been doing a little research, and i think the radio that best serves my interest of baseball/AM Dx'ing/SW is the Grundig G6 Aviator

My question is this... am I fooling myself to think that i'd be able to reach AM stations with this radio and get to hear games?

Do I need to buy a separate antenna/add-on, or ... should I?

Thanks for the help!
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Re: newbie: on the right track for baseball/light shortwave?

Postby K5TEN » Sun May 30, 2010 11:54 pm

Greetings phantom!

You WILL be able to hear many baseball games on AM radio and a few on shortwave that are usually relayed on the Armed Forces Radio Network--and most all will be night games on AM.

There WILL be on major enemy to your project--FADING. Fading is when a station sounds fine for 15 or 20 minutes at a time but fades out and either another station on the same frequency is heard or just a mess of comingling of the two (or more) stations. As far as an external antenna, well, it's up to you how involved you want it to be. An outdoor anntenna is ALWAYS worth the time and investment it takes to get one up--and it will help on fading, to an extent.

"Get as much wire up as high as you can" is always the best for AM and shortwave listening.

You WILL be able to catch the best signal on a network's "flagship" the Chicago Cubs games are broadcast on 720 AM, WGN...same for other major league cities and their flagship AM station. You should be able to hear Pittsburg, Philly, New York, Boston, Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago, St Louis, and possibly Atlanta as well. Do an internet web search for the teams and they will usually give what stations carry the games.

There are excellent questions and answers about antennas in the "Short Wave" section of this forum or you can email me directly at K5TEN--AT--AOL--dot--COM.

I'll be happy to help however I can!


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